sábado, 6 de febrero de 2010


Sometimes we get tired of being tossed about, that our attention is always called elsewhere. We need a rest, something that allows us to reconnect, reaching the fullness of a more peaceful contemplation. Slow down time. Understand the difference between looking and seeing. If we succeeded, our breathing relaxes, and we enjoy the unexpected pleasure of focusing on something which is very different from our usual concerns.
Rarely an audiovisual seeks the same effect. Like a relaxing tea, this documentary offers just breathing slowly. Look, empty the mind in the slow pace of what happens, until we learn to see that there is, in life around us and in our own hearts, a peace and quiet that we did not even suspect.
Present a succession of peaceful moments. Almost nothing, and almost everything, in a place in the world where a camera lurks: plant life, animal life, human life.

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